Daily disposable

Daily disposable contact lenses are the most practical form of contacts available. Each pair are discarded after a single day of use. You don’t have to use contact lens solutions to store or clean the contact lenses. Each time you wear your contacts you’ll be wearing a fresh new pair, minimising the risk of eye infections.

Ciba Vision’s latest daily disposable contact lens is the Dailies Aqua Comfort Plus featuring their patented triple action moisture technology.

– A cushioning lubricant provides superior initial comfort upon insertion.
– A moisturiser hydrates the lens then releases moisture throughout the day
– Each blink releases a moisturising agent, refreshing your eyes all day long
These three features with the convenience of a daily disposable modality make Dailies Aqua Comfort Plus an exceptional daily disposable contact lens.


Another highly regarded daily disposable contact lens is 1 Day Acuvue MOIST from Johnson & Johnson. The key feature found in 1 Day Acuvue MOIST is Lacreon, a water holding element for comfortable contact lens wear, even towards the end of the day. A UV blocking element is also found in 1 Day Acuvue MOIST, providing protection from the damaging rays from the sun.